Card Jitsui Fire, Postcards, Play, and Pin!

Hi Penguins,
Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, I have been really busy. So lets start with card jitsui fire!

If you go to the Ninja Catolog you can buy the gold amulet, thanks goldsmiths! It looks awesome!!
1. Go to the Ninja Hideout
2. Click on the red thing that looks like a tombstone:
3. Walk inside and you are in the Card Jitsui Fire room.
It is under construction for now but if you go on the red mats at the bottom you can challenge other member ninjas to a Card Jitsui Game.
Billybob realesed a sneak peek of a new room, do you think it will be the completed Card Jitsui Fire room?

On Friday the new postcards came out:
Along with the new play, Norman Swam has been Transformed:
for sale
If you walk inside and go stand on the “X” by the large rock you will unlock the secret room:
While in the secret room if you get 5 penguins to stand on all the “X’s” you can unlock the Secret Pin:

Do you guys remember the Gnome Costume you had to vote for on the Clubpenguin blog? Well the costume finally came out:
Looks good, huh? Do you think it turned out as good as planned? Tell me in a comment!


Card Jitsui Fire

Hi Penguins,
I know I am alittle late on this, but look at the video cp realeses:

It sounds so cool! Too bad its for members only though :(. What do you think? Tell me in a comment.

Whats going on?!

Hi penguins,
Today I noticed something, I getting NO comments!!!! This makes very upset because I put alot of time and effort into this blog. Please try to comment more.

On My New Itouch

Hi penguins,
As you can see from the title, yes I did get an Apple Ipod Touch!!!!!!!!! I am posting from my living room right now on the iPod with the wordpress 2 app. Now I am going to tell you alittle about the iPod:
1. 3rd generation
2. 32gig
3.tons of songs and apps
4. Wi-Fi
5. wordpress app so I can post mobiley and check comments on the go
Do you have an iPod touch? Tell me in a comment and I will aprove it from my iPod touch 😆

New Pin and New Catolog

Note: All pictures from my computer isn’t working so I am on my Dad’s which I am not allowed to take pics on 😦
Hi Penguins,
I am posting from my Dad’s computer due to the crappyness of mine, it broke (again.)
The new pin is a sled pin. To find the pin:
New Pin
1. Pull out your map
2. Click on the Ski Hill
3.  Waddle to the sled pin

sled pin


Catolog Cheats
Click on the white puffle to get the Dizzy Wig:
the dizzy
To get the Red Viking Helmet click on the Dojo:
red viking helmet
To get the Blue Viking Helmet click on the dojo 4 times:
blue viking helmet
To get the Black Cape click on the Mushroom:
black cape
To get the Black Superhero Mask click on the word “Work”
black mask
To get the Black Bowtie click on the “N” in clearence:
Thats all the cheats!
Note: All pictures from my computer isn’t working so I am on my Dad’s which I am not allowed to take pics on 😦
Thanks Mega for letting me use the pictures in my time of need :lol:. Go to to see his AWESOME site!
My Dad right now is working on my computer so I hope it will be up by tomorrow! If any good comes out of this, it defently is the fact that today I got an IPOD TOUCH!!!!! Thats right a 3rd generation 32 gig IPod Touch! So after my computer is fixed I will active it and download the WordPress app to post mobily (if that is even a word xD)

Gold, Gold, Gold!

Hi Penguins,
According to clubpenguin the Ninja’s are in need of amulets, not just any amulets, gold amulets. The Dojo has been redone and the Goldsmiths Apron has been added to the catolog:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Now since I know how to make the flashy thingys I made a new banner! Its clickable so put it on your site 😉
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
<a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” border=”0″ alt=”Image and video hosting by TinyPic” /></a>

Please put it on your site!!!

Attention All Agents!!!

Hi Penguins,
FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Clubpenguin is now releasing sneak peaks of the new mission!!! They said that they are sorry for the dely and that rather than forgetting about the PSA they are just working on “something big.”
I hope you don’t think that they forgot about the EPF either! Starting on November 6th the first downloadable mission called “Puffle Pranksters” will be able to download!
I put the new header up, what do you think?